I love to paint custom pieces for my family, friends and clients.  This exercise always leads to fresh ideas and challenges.  It gives me great pleasure to bring their visions to life.  I have created many artistic memories for people in this manner. 


I offer my clients one-of-a-kind pieces of watercolor artwork that are tailored specifically to their artistic tastes and experiences.  I am able to accommodate specific sizes and highlight particular color schemes.  Simply send me a photo that you would love to see transformed into art.  I will check it for composition, light and general paintability.  


Here are a few examples of paintings designed in this manner. 



Good Stuff

32" x 22"



          A Beer and a Bed

                     20" x 14"



Street Jazz

22" x 32"


CWA's 50th National Exhibition is being held at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, CA.  The show will close on February 22. It represents some of the finest watercolor work in the country. My painting, Day Tripper , is happy to be apart of the show!

Don't Miss the Boat is headed to Barcelona this summer as part of Missouri Watercolor Society's International Exhibition It will be held at the Barcelona Academy of Art.  

Valley Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, has many new paintings.  This is a great little gallery hosting local artists.  You can rent and/or buy paintings.

"Painting is the best way I've found to get along with myself." 

      Robert Rauschenberg

When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.

 Watercolorists are adrenaline junkies!  

              Michael Reardon