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I am honored to be San Ramon's 2022 Music & Wind Festival artist. It was very exciting to come up with a concept that would fully convey the fun and spirit of the festival. In the same breath I would say it was artistically one of the most difficult tasks I'd accepted because there weren't the usual photos or live scenes to use as inspiration. This project was pulled directly from my imagination!


I used my years as a kindergarten teacher for the concept.  This festival is perfect for kids, so my 5 year olds became my inspiration. They love whimsy, color, movement, music and being outdoors. Hopefully my artwork captures their energy and enthusiasm!


San Ramon Art & Festival

Sunday and Monday, May 29 & 30


San Ramon Central Park


Besides my painting becoming a part of San Ramon's permanent collection, I will also have a solo art show at the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery within the Community Center. I will have 37 pieces displayed.

Please visit!

Valley Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, has many new paintings.  This is a great little gallery hosting local artists.  You can rent and/or buy paintings.


Nalle Fine Art Gallery has many of my paintings in downtown Santa Ana!  The gallery is at 206 W. 4th St.  Ms. Nalle is making appointments during the corona virus.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."  Edgar Degas

"Watercolor is a lifetime pursuit...mostly uphill."

Robert Wade.